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Christ the King Federation


Here you will find the most relevant and up-to-date Federation policies. For school specific policies click St Francis or St Joseph's.

If you would like to request a paper copy of our policies or have access to any of our other policies, please contact one of our school offices.

We have 4 categories of Policy:

  • Statutory - covering major strategic areas required by law, as stated by the Government's Statutory Policies for Schools document (January 2020)
  • Discretionary - additional policies covering additional areas, not required by law.
  • GDPR  - General Data Protection Regulation policies.
  • RE and Spiritual Development - policies on RE and Worship.
  • Curriculum- other policies on specific subject areas of the curriculum.

Statutory Policies

  • Accessibility Plan. Under review for the Federation, in the interim please visit St Francis or St Joseph's

Behaviour Policy Spring 2022

Charging and Remissions Policy (Feb20)

Child Protection Policy during School Closure (Jan 2021)

Child Protection Policy (September 2021)

Data Protection Policy (Oct21)

Complaints Policy (Mar22)

Equality Policy (Mar20)

Equality Objectives (Mar20)Equality Objectives Statement (Mar20)

Harmful Sexual behaviour Peer on Peer abuse April 2021.pdf

Relationship, Sex and Health Education Policy

Discretionary Policies

School Debt Policy (Jun21)

E-Safety Autumn 18

First Aid & Medical Emergencies (Mar19)

Food In School Policy (Mar19)

Gifts & Hospitality Policy & Procedures (Feb20)

Governor Induction Policy (Oct20)

Health and Safety Supplementary Policy - Summer 2020 (May20)

Intimate Care Policy (Mar19)

Lettings Policy (Feb20)

Lettings Policy Covid-19 (Sep20)

School Dog Policy (Sep20)

GDPR Policies and Strategy

Data Protection Policy (Oct21)

Information Governance Strategy (Oct21)

Statutory Requests for Information Policy (Oct21)

GDPR Rights Guidance for Parents / Guardians (Oct21)

FOI Publication Scheme (Oct21)

RE and Spiritual Development Policies

Religious Education Policy Autumn 19

Worship Policy Autumn 19

 Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Statement

EYFS Curriculum III

Art & Design Spring 20

Design & Technology Policy Spring 20

Geography Policy Autumn 18

History Summer 19

Homework Spring 20

Journey in Love - An Overview for Parents

PE Policy Spring 19

PSHE Policy Autumn 18

Remote Learning Policy January 2021

Science March 19

Teaching & Learning Policy Summer 18


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