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 Stanley - Schools' Dog

Pet therapy is widely accepted as a powerful aid to communication and motivation. Research has shown that companion dogs can benefit children both educationally and emotionally; a dog can motivate and encourage their participation, increase their understanding of responsibility, develop empathy and nurturing skills and improve their behaviour and self-esteem. 

Stanley is a Labradoodle and belongs to the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Ginzler-Maher. When he visits either school he is kept in the office area, which is separate from the classrooms / playground area, and will only have contact with children who are happy to have contact and have parental permission for this, under strict supervision.

As his training progresses, Stanley will gradually start to spend time in classrooms, the library and in the garden where children can interact safely; he will always be on a lead and supervised by an adult.

Stanley is fully insured and a risk assessment is available to review below.



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